X̂enectra started out as ICE’s in-house Research, Development & Innovations (R&D+i) team, working with a vision of equipping ICE team members with better tools and equipments that can help deliver better services, reduce TAT of each task, reduce team labour, improve team efficiency & reduce overall costs per job. X̂enectra is lead by AnandaRaj a certified Design Thinking (DT) professional from MIT. X̂enectra has been working dedicatedly on developing the right product - solution mix for the Solar PV Operations & Maintenance sector. X̂enectra is now evolved to be an independent product development and sales business vertical with new innovations being designed & developed in-house every year like a fully autonomous Soiling analysis BOT, a CO-BOT to reduce labour of module cleaning team & time taken per job, an intelligent vegetation management BOT. X̂enectra is now working on three more innovations, expected to be ready for commercial launch soon.

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Key USP's

  • Creators of de-facto standards for the industry.
  • Abide to global best practises & use of SoP's.
  • Uniform & Standard processes to ensure quality.
  • 05+ years of experience, 500+ projects.
  • Industries best talents.
  • Eira - Advanced AI & ML platform.
  • X̂enectra - R&D team - spend exceeds $1.5Mn.
  • Reparar Works - Repairs, Revamps & Refurbishments.
  • Preferred partner to global players

Started in 2015, ICE (Inspire Clean Energy) as a solar PV Asset Management company. Offering services to IPP’s, RESCO’s & OEM’s in the solar industry. By closely working with global companies and customers, ICE helps achieve business profits using SMART solutions.




Years on the

At ICE, SMART means use of innovative BOT’s & data driven (AI & ML) technologies.

With head office in Mumbai, we have 20+ service hubs across India. ICE currently has a team of 250 people spread across the country. GRACC (Global RE Asset Control Centre) manages daily operations from its office in Chennai. Chennai facility also houses our R&Di and software development teams
ICE has earned reputation as an expert in:
Asset Management (AM) Performance Management (PM) Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plant checks